Electric Mulch has become Golden Elm Media!


Change to reflect a new beginning and the next stage of our business. We always ran things oddly and in the past this bit of excessive quirkiness was fun, if a bit loopy. But it's grown more tedious than we'd like. So we're consolidating under a new, less confusing (and a tad less silly) naming scheme. All of our past products will be sticking around, though some may take a few weeks to get back into print under the new logos.

Whatever happened to Product X?

Watch the news and see if it's on the docket! There's a lot going down behind the scenes that we can't really talk about right now, but it's big news to be sure. We're not really the blogging sorts around here but we're going to try and make our news section more chatty and less dry than a plain ol' news release page.